Songs About The Weather

by Basement

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released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Basement Ipswich, UK

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Track Name: Skip Town
This town is so cold; even summer is not enough to make me feel like home.
I heard you heard I said, "I will never leave". I say, "we'll see".

Sometimes I feel like I'm sinking so far, I won't see the light again. I'll break my hands pulling myself out - even with you keeping me down.

I'll live but I won't die here.
Track Name: 1104 Porter Street
There's something different about the air in this town. I feel like I can truly breathe. Tonight, 3000 miles from home, I'm so glad I took a chance. 1104 Porter Street. I'm home. Today I woke up to find my dreams were reality.
Track Name: DUI
I watched you crash like waves upon me. My eyes were burning, I could barely see. You said that you weren't ready for something, I guess you weren't ready for me.

I don't think I hate you, but I know I want to.

Remember the things you said, because you can't regret the things that you forget. I screamed all the way home, the impression you left was far from gone. I hope you regret this.
Track Name: Meet Me In St. Louis
Every moment is broken.
Am I kidding myself, trying to get you out of my life when I can't get you out of my mind?

We're talking, but are these words fake? Is anything left true? I made a promise to myself, but I'll break it if you ask me to.

Don't say goodnight.
Track Name: White Elephant
Remember when we went to the city? You held my hand as we got off the train. And we just talked for hours, as we sheltered out from the rain. I can't sleep and I can't eat and I can't focus on this.

And everything you said to me was just a lie, something to make me feel good inside. Nothing hurts harder than finding out the truth, about the one thing you thought you knew.

Missing you feels like breathing.